Facebook's 2018 Security Breach

Facebook’s 2018 Security Breach

Most people who use social media know about Facebook’s 2018 security breach.  An “app” by Cambridge Analytica (a vulnerability in legitimate quiz app) was blamed.  Facebook, the company, allegedly had given access to the confidential information its members to Cambridge Analytica.   

The number of records that were exposed was originally reported as being in the range of 50 million individuals.  Facebook later revealed that the number was more likely in the range of 87 million. That’s a whopper of a breach.

The breach described above was said to be just the tip of the iceberg.  Vulnerabilities in other apps could have allowed other data losses. We learned that the breach was likely Facebook accounts that were accessed and used on smart phones. 

Facebook, in all likelihood, really is unaware of the total number of records that were exposed.

The cybercriminals who perpetrated the breach, to the best of our knowledge, weren’t ever caught. They reportedly exploited numerous bugs in various applications that involved the use of Facebook access codes, numerous software publishers’ platforms and phishing schemes requiring the willing cooperation of users.

We find the fact that multiple federal agencies were investigating the breach.  Reportedly the SEC and FTC became involved in reviewing the incident.  So is the U.S. Congress.  Even the European community was pursuing its own examination.

The message to everyone is:  be careful what information you give to whom and think more than twice before you respond to requests for information that seem out-of-line or unusual.    

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