Lock Your Keyboard When Leaving the Area

Lock Your Keyboard When Leaving the Area

Why Lock Your Keyboard?

Insiders are one of the biggest threats associated with cyber crime.

Concerns about an insider hack exist in more than 90% of companies surveyed.  Disgruntled employees, third-party vendors and visitors already have access or routinely come into close contact with your information infrastructure.

You need to exercise control and shut the door to people who would intrude upon your confidential information.                                                                                                                                                        

One way you are inviting a malicious hacker to enter your system is by leaving your keyboard or touch screen “unlocked” when you take a break or temporarily leave your work area.  Your information could be quickly stolen or damaged.

Lock Unattended Keyboards

Lock Your Keyboard When Leaving the Area


How Do You Lock Your Keyboard?

Each digital device (e.g. computers, smartphones, laptops) communicates with users through its own unique operating system.  Users can issue a command that “locks” the digital device when it’s not being used.

Check with the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific hardware.  You can also check with your company’s customer support department prior to locking your system.  You must be familiar with your device’s operating system and the manner in which it can be locked and unlocked when the computer isn’t going to be used for a short while when you walk away.

You must enter your password or PIN, however, to re-gain access.

Make sure you know your password!

Let’s look briefly at how you can lock the “Mac” and “PC.”

How Do You Lock & Unlock “Mac?”

To lock your computer, select or click on the Apple logo and then Select Preferences > Security & Privacy and then > General.  Select the option that requires a password and a time limit if you so choose.  A user would then have to enter the password in order to access the computer.

How Do You Lock & Unlock a “PC?”

One way to lock your PC is to depress and hold down the CTRL + ALT + Del keys simultaneously.  Hold them down for a few seconds and a window appears.  Select the “Lock Computer” option.  Caution:  You will have to enter the correct password to be able to work on the computer again.

Why Is Locking Your Computer A Big Deal?

We’ve already mentioned that one of the biggest threats to cyber security comes from the insider.  They are people who are typically in close proximity to sensitive information and want to “hack” or steal confidential information.

Computer workers in America are generally free to get up and move around their work areas and take breaks.  Anyone who is inclined to access confidential information would have access to whatever you left exposed on your screen.

You can significantly hamper the efforts of the hacker by locking your screen.

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