You Can Improve Your Cyber Security and Possibly Avoid Trips to the Eye Doctor!

You Can Improve Your Cyber Security and Possibly Avoid Trips to the Eye Doctor!

Does the above title sound nuts?

Most people would say “Yes.” But please stay with me for a moment.

Research studies show that an insider can obtain sensitive information by simply looking at an unprotected display screes.

Also, medical studies show that prolonged exposure to unfiltered computer screens can cause serious damage to the eyes of workers.

Why wouldn’t you want to considerably block the view of visual hackers while at the same time reducing the harmful of blue light?

Reduce Insider Threats.  Increase Privacy.

An insider exploit or attack is at the top of list of threats against your information system.

Visual hackers gain useful information from casual observation more than 92% of the time by simply glancing at the computer displays.

People who use “visual hacking” for the purpose of stealing confidential information must be considered insiders. They can be encountered in the office or in public areas and are at the top of the list of the threats against your information system. Privacy screens substantially limit the viewing angle of the shoulder surfer and hampers their operating area.

Harmful Effects of Computer Use on the Eyes

The American Optometric Association (AOA) has even addressed the issue and declared that problems associated with the use of computers for extended periods of time is recognized as a growing health care issue for computer workers.

Medical experts know that prolonged exposure to blue light can damage cells in the retina. One study concluded that increased eyestrain, headaches, and dry, tired or sore eyes were associated with using computers for extended periods of time without screen filters.

More seriously, continued or prolonged exposure the blue light that radiates from unfiltered computer screens can lead to retina cells being damage. This could lead to macular degeneration.

The AOA suggested that filters can be placed over the computer screen to control the light emanating off of computer screens.

                                                  Blue Light Emissions from Computer Screens                                                                        Can Be Harmful to Eye Health

Privacy Screens Are a Win/Win

A flexible privacy screen, made of materials manufactured by 3M, has been shown to reduce harmful blue light reaching the eyes from the screen display while at the same time significantly limiting the “observability” (using its micro leuver technology) of what is being displayed on the computer monitor’s screen. Only an individual who is sitting or standing directly behind the screen would have a chance of reading what is being displayed.

My research has shown that 3m leads the pack in multi-functional privacy screens.


The use of a privacy screens is highly recommended. Doing so enhances risk management on two fronts: computer security and eye health. Using filters is relatively inexpensive compared to the losses that could otherwise be suffered. You must make sure, however, that you have purchased the correct size for your display screen.

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