How to Improve Cyber Security and Reduce Your Eye Strain!

How to Improve Cyber Security and Reduce Your Eye Strain!


Improve Cybersecurity

Maintaining the privacy and confidential nature of your business and personal information is extremely important. You must take steps to block every hacker.

One of the largest threats against private digital data are the insiders. The people who work for you or who have close proximity pose bigger threats than foreign actors and organized crime dealing in malware being delivered over the Internet.

You are taking a tremendous risk unless you take steps against the insider threat. The last thing you want to have happen is for a hacker to gain access to your sensitive computer data.

Walking away from your workstation or computer and leaving important information that can easily read or failing to blanking out your screen and locking your keyboard is a huge vulnerability. So is writing down your password and taping it to the back of your keyboard!

There is the possibility of encountering another additional serious risk. It’s known as “visual hacking.” What is visual hacking? It needs to be explained.

Consider the following question. Have you ever felt like someone was watching you while working on your computer or laptop? Chances are that if you did and you glanced in the direction of the person you suspected you caught them quickly looking away. That’s visual hacking.

What was described in the previous paragraph frequently happens to us all in tight public spaces or even in our office or even at home.

A publication on the web, The Unlockr, reports on the findings of a visual hacking research study. It showed that 91% of the time “hackers” could obtain information simple by looking over users’ shoulders and managed to get an average of 3.9 pieces of sensitive information while only being discovered 32% of the time. That’s shocking.

Shoulder surfing or visual eavesdropping can be significantly limited by purchasing and installing of a privacy screen for your computer display. A screen filter that covers the visual screen actually makes it difficult for anyone to read what is being shown on the display. Only an individual who is sitting directly in front of the computer can actually see what’s on the screen.

Privacy screens are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased for a wide variety of monitors.

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