Why Is Securing Your Computer Against Cyber Criminals So Important?

Why Is Securing Your Computer Against Cyber Criminals So Important?

You Must Be Urgently Aware of Cyber Security.

Our digital processing devices and information are the targets of hackers and cyber criminals. This fact is exceeding important an compromises our national security. Many people, however, are unaware.

The reason is simple: Our critical national infrastructure is interconnected. That means any part of the Internet can be connected to any other component.

What is the Critical National Infrastructure?

The federal government and the Department of Homeland Security has declared that there are 16 sectors of our economy that make up the critical national infrastructure. They are:

1. Commercial
2. Chemical
3. Communications
4. Manufacturing
5. Dams
6. The Defense Industrial Sector
7. Emergency Services
8. Energy
9. Financial
10. Food and Agriculture
11. Government Facilities
12. Public Healthcare
13. Information Technology
14. Nuclear Reactors and Waste
15. Transportation
16. Water and Waste Water

You can learn more about the individual parts of the critical national infrastructure by conducting a search on your browser. You can get a significant amount of information.

Everything is Dependent on You

You must be “urgently aware” of cyber security. Most of us and that includes you routinely operate within at least one or more of the critical infrastructure. Any careless digital practices on your part can contribute to the compromise of entire nation’s security.

Let’s look at one example: Assume for a moment that employees at a sensitive defense industry regularly email a nearby doughnut shop their order for convenience sake. Later they quickly pick-up the order. Think of the damage that could happen if the doughnut shop’s computer has been penetrated. Members from a hostile nation’s foreign intelligence service can seriously compromise the nation’s national security. Yet that scenario is the farthest thing from the pastry shop owner’s mind.

Cyber Security Is Your Responsibility!

You would likely lock your door in the evening before going to bed. You look both ways before crossing the street. People where eye protection before using power equipment and fasten their seat belts before driving. Taking extra care an devoting special attention are a part of life.

We’ve now reached that point in our lives when it comes to all interaction with digital devices (e.g. computers, laptops, smartphones and digital sensors). You just be urgently aware of security best practices and use them as a matter of routine.

Ignoring the best practices associated with digital security is reckless and irresponsible.


You personally can harm yourself and compromise national security by behaving irresponsibly when using your computer, laptops, tablets and smartphones. I know, it sounds a bit “over the top” but it is a fact.

You know you must be urgently aware of protecting your personal computer and smartphones. Now, you are aware there is another huge reason. That is, keeping the bad guys from using your systems as a “entry point” into the critical national infrastructure.

You can create downstream liability for yourself and negative consequences everyone else.

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